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Dianabol from Alpha Pharma

According to its chemical structure, Methandienone oral (Dianabol) is very similar to 17-alpha‑methyltestosterone. That causes its strong androgenic and anabolic actions, which lead to an increase in strength and muscle mass. Methandienone is a «steroid of muscle mass», which quickly and reliably joins work.

Alpha‑Pharma: 10mg x 50 tablets: Alphabol‑Cr: Alpha‑Pharma: 25mg x 30 tablets: Diabolic: Cooper: 10mg x 100 tablets: Dianabolos: Pharmacomlabs: 10mg x 100 tablets: Dianabol: Sis Labs: 10mg x 100 tablets: Metandrostenolona: Landerlan: 10mg x 100 tablets: Methandienone (Blue) LA‑PHARMA: 10mg x 100 tablets: DBOL 10: Valkyrie: 10mg x 100 tablets.

Alpha Pharma Dbol? Anyone have any experience with Alpha Pharma Dbol. If so was it gtg? 10–07–2014, 07:59 PM #2. maddad. Junior Member Join Date Aug 2014 Location Boston MA Posts 76. Alpha Pharma multi vials have little card board boxes with serials and other codes. You scratch and get a number and can check the authenticiy on Alpha's website.