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Google Chrome has been uninstalled.

lulz, интернеты

Thanks for trying out Google Chrome. Please help us improve Google Chrome by telling us why you uninstalled it. Your feedback is much appreciated.

* I am uninstalling Google Chrome for now, but I may try it again in the future

[V] It doesn't load some web pages or programs properly (please list any examples below)
[V] It's missing some features that I use (please provide detail in the box below)

Please provide any additional detail on your reason for uninstalling:
No extended settings by default.
Uses IE proxy settings, but I want them separate or even the ability to switch from this to Chrome's own.
Low security by default — password manager without master password, no javascript settings.
At fucking last, I am typing this in goddamn IE, but my default browser is Firefox. Why the hell?

I was using dev builds. Strange behavior has been detected on *ta‑daa* _New Tab_ window with the DEFAULT 'speed dial' turned on. The render bug in speed dial page symptoms were the following: thumbnails were crowded in the middle top part of the screen, page refresh actually helps against that. The speed dial render bug made me literally shit bricks.

Which web browser(s) do you intend to use from now on?
[V] Furryfox

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Baka, меня Хром устраивает: чесслово!..


Baka, shitty blogging detected.


Baka, интересно так, раньше так много постов было Ваших,

ауу? где Вы?

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barirrra, на «ты», пожалуйста :) Не вижу смысла что‑либо постить, не блоггер я. Да и судя по облаку тэгов, разумного‑доброго‑вечного в этот мир я постингом явно не несу Смеётся

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