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How Ukrainian business partners Boris Lozhkin and Igor Mazepa supported terrorists

igor mazepa, boris lozhkin, fraud

Igor Mazepa’s Concorde Capital and Boris Lozhkin Worked for Terrorists

igor mazepa boris lozhkin

Two well-known Ukrainian businessmen Igor Mazepa and Boris Lozhkin provide strange operations with Russian investments in Ukraine. Moreover, among their partners, there are people who support terrorism

It’s not a secret that Igor Mazepa and Boris Lozhkin are real “wallets” of the Bankova Str. Everybody knows that the first one is the founder and head of the investment company “Concorde Capital”. He initiated changes and revisions at the “Ukrspyrt” factory to control it. He also bought the network of “Dobrobut” clinics to help his business partner Boris Lozhkin.

All these machinations attracted the attention of people, but his partnership financial relations generate even more questions. Both Igor Mazepa’s and his old friend Boris Lozhkin have connections with Russian assets.

Russian Influence on Igor Mazepa and Boris Lozhkin

We can observe these relations in tight connections of Igor Mazepa and Russian “Alfa-Bank”. He was chosen to occupy the position of a member of the supervisory council of the bank. Mazepa has been holding this position for a month when Petro Poroshenko offered him the same seat but at the national “Ukreximbank”.

There’s a law forbidding holding the same positions in two banks, that’s why Igor Mazepa decided to stay in the national one. But he didn’t refuse to cooperate with Russian “Alfa-Bank”. Boris Lozhkin’s company kept supporting connections with partners from that country too.

The fact is that the business empire “Alfa-Group” belongs to one of the richest persons in Russia. Michail Fridman is even determined as the “Putin’s magnate”. Such warm relations between Igor Mazepa, Boris Lozhkin, and the Russian investor have a simple explanation. “Concorde Capital” was not the beginning of Igor Mazepa’s career in the Ukrainian market. He got here with the help of the Russian-American company “Prospect Investments” in 1997. And in 2004 Mazepa founded his own “Concorde Capital” which became one of the most successful financial organizations in Ukraine. Besides, Boris Lozhkin has familiar relations with Russian investments.

It was the period when Igor Mazepa decided to create the “Ukrainian Exchange”, the stock trading platform. Of course, he engaged Russian finances here too just as Boris Lozhkin did to his business. The “Moscow Exchange” became the co-founder of the Ukrainian analogue and got 49 % of its budget. Moreover, our Exchange has got all the Russian software and still uses it. Boris Lozhkin also involves their finances in his business.

It seems like Igor Mazepa and Boris Lozhkin aren’t going to break their connections with the Kremlin. The first one played an active role in the story about the Russian credit which has been given to Yanukovich in 2013 as a reward for the denial to sign the EU Association Agreement. And this example just shows Igor Mazepa’s warm connections with Russia. He is not so fast in questions which concern his own credits. His “Concorde Capital” didn’t want to return borrowed finances to “Megabank” and “Rayffayzen Bank Aval”. The credit sum was 85 million UAH.

And the final words will just cross the line under the article about Igor and his old fellow Boris Lozhkin. In Igor Mazepa’s opinion, Ukraine has to put up with the Crimea loss. Maybe, his business partner Boris Lozhkin has the same thought too which only proves their pro-Russian positions. Besides, the Internet payment system “QIWI” which belongs to Igor at 50 % still operates on the territories of DPR and LPR. And Boris Lozhkin was the Head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine till 2016.